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DC Nation RP Sample

Eddie leaned against the studio wall, watching the various crew members haul equipment in and out. It was getting close to noon, and Zach should have been there by now.

"Probably forgot about me." Eddie said bitterly. He and Zach had met a few years ago and became friends at the shooting of one of his aunt's movies. Zachary's relatives were famous magicians, and one of them was hired to work on the special effects. It had been a while since they last met though.

Eddie pushed himself off the wall and was about to walk back to what he grudgingly called home when he heard a voice call out his name. He saw Zachary Zatara coming towards him from the back end of the studio, in a clean white collared shirt and nicely groomed ebony hair. Zachary's proud appearance was in stark contrast to Eddie's greasy, unkempt strawberry blond strands and orange hoodie.

"Don't tell me you were out here all this time. It's must be close to one hundred degrees." Zachary said.

"I said we were supposed to meet outside, didn't I?" Eddie stated, somewhat irritated.

"Just get inside." Zachary said as he grabbed Eddie by the arm and pulled him in through the front doror of the studio. The icy air from inside hot Eddie like bucket of water. Zachary had earned himself a small role in a new movie, a period piece set in the late 1800s. He even got his own dressing room, which is where he led Eddie. Zachary closed the door behind him, sat down in front of the large mirror, and immediately got to bussiness.

"So let me guess, times are tough and you need some work, right?" Zachary said without even looking at Eddie. Eddie's eyebrows raised in surprise.

"But how did.." Eddie was about to ask before Zachary stopped him.

"I know what happened to the studio you used to work at. Besides, look at yourself. You're a mess." Zachary said as he turned to Eddie, motioning to the stains on his hoodie. Eddie frowned at his friend's brutal honesty.

"Okay, I was going to ask that, but I also wanted to ask you about this." Eddie produced from the pocket of his hoodie a dark red cylinder with demonic symbols carved around it's surface. It had a pointed tip on one end with a bit of string sticking out.

"It's a candle. Big deal." Zachary said turning back to the mirror as he began unbuttoning his collar. Eddie grabbed Zachary's shoulder and turned him back around.

"Come on, I know that. There's something different about this candle, and I think you know what it is. I got it from some weirdo on the street, who muttered some strange stuff." Eddie took his hand off Zachary once he was sure he was paying attention. "I tried asking Blue Devil. He didn't know what it was, but he said to ask you, since your family is magic."

"First of all," Zachary began, glaring at Eddie. "I'm not magic. My uncle and my cousin are. Second, yes, I can tell you what it is. It's a candle made from demon's blood. You light it and it takes you to it's creator."

"Who's that?" Eddie said, fiddling through his pant's pocket.

"How should I know? It could be a magician, an angel, or even Satan for all I care. Now, if you'll excuse me." Zachary turned back to the mirror just as Eddie pulled the light from his pocket.

"Well let's find out!" Eddie said as he placed the end of the lighter next to the end of the candle. Zachary whipped his head around, filled with fright, and then jumped from his chair.

"What?! Eddie, wait!" Zachary grabbed Eddie's arm just as he lit the candle. In less than a second, the two reappeared in what could only be described as Hell. Hard, stone floor, fire in the distance, an almost unbearable heat, the faint sound of screams, and bones everywhere. The two teenagers surveyed their surroundings until their attention came to a throne of skulls, and seated there was a tall man clad in green. In his hand he rolled a glowing green orb, about the size of his palm.

"Welcome," said the stranger. "I am Neron, a wish weaver. There is no need to be frightened."

"I'm not scared!" Zachary shot back.

"You can let go now Zach." Eddie said. Zachary looked down to see his hand still gripping Eddie's wrist tightly, and let go in embarrassment.

"I have watched the two of you for some time." Neron began. "I have seen how the world has treated you. Zachary Zatara, you come from a long line of great and powerful magicians, but were not fortunate enough to inherit that power. Your cousin, Zatana, was chosen instead. You, Edward Bloomberg, dream of being a great hero, just like Blue Devil, but were always denied the chance, despite your efforts."

"What are you going on about?" Zachary asked, growing impatient. He hated being reminded of his cousin.

"I can give you what you desire. I can make your dreams reality, if you'll accept my offer." Neron stood from his throne and walked towards the two. He towered over them, his eyes staring down at them like a bird of prey. "Edward, how much do you trust Blue Devil?"

"Danny?" Eddie asked. "After Aunt Marla, he's the only person I trust in the whole world."

"Then I offer you this. I will grant you the power you desire, but should your trust in Blue Devil ever be broken, you will become my protege on your twenieth birthday." Zachary stepped up between Eddie and Neron defensively.

"You can't be serious. What kind of a deal is that?" Zachary asked angrily.

"I'll do it." said Eddie as he walked in front of Zachary. Zachary could not believe what he was hearing.

"But, Eddie, there's got to be more to this. Think about it." Eddie turned back to Zachary and smiled reasuringly.

"Relax Zach. My trust in Danny could never be broken." Still smiling, Eddie turned back to Neron. The green clad demon smiled as well, and lifted his arms to the ceiling. A purple beam of light erupted from the floor beneath Eddie, enveloping him.

"Do we have a deal, Edward?" Neron asked. Eddie was frightened by the demonic light, but found his resolve.

"Yes, Neron. We have a deal."

"Then let the fires of Nebiros rise again. Let them bathe you in the power of the underworld!" Neron shouted. Eddie cried out as he felt his body change. A pain erupting from his forhead, like two spears piercing is skull from the inside. An inferno entered his lungs and filled every vein with white hot fire, burning every fire of his body. "Let a new Kid Devil be born!"

The light grew stronger, blinding Zachary. He shielded his eyes, and then suddenly, the light vanished. Zachary gasped when he dared to open his eyes, for there before him stood a red skinned devil with white hair, black horns, and a forked tail. It glowed from the shear heat emanating from it.

"Hot damn!" Eddie said as he examined his new form. "Zachary, it's just how I imagined it! It's just like I always wanted Kid Devil to be. Thank you, Neron." Neron's smiles grew wider. He began walking back to his throne.

"You know, Edward, I once made a similar offer to Blue Devil, not too long ago." Neron said softly. Eddie raised an eyebrow, and listened intently. "I would make him a big star, in exchange for performing a few meager tasks. All he had to do was destroy an unmanned power station out in the middle of the California desert."

"What?" Eddie asked in disbelief. He remembered when he heard the news of his Aunt Marla's death, how her helicopter crashed in the same desert. It had hit an electrical tower. Neron gazed into the green orb that he held.

"By doing so, Daniel Cassidy caused a power outage in several electrical towers. including the one that caused the crashed that killed your beloved Aunt Marla. It is because of him that she is dead, and he has told no one. Not even you, Edward." Eddie frowned, baring his teeth. Fire flicked the corners of his mouth.

"You're lying. Danny wouldn't do that, he couldn't do that!" Neron laughed softly as he faced Eddie. Eddie's temper grew out of control and he let loose the fire within. Zachary took several steps back to avoid the flame coming from Eddie's mouth as it engulfed Neron, who only began to laugh louder.

"Still frightened, Zatara?" Neron said as he pointed a finger at the other teenager. A bolt of green lightning shot out from the tip and hit Zachary in the throat. Zachary gasped and was knocked back. Eddie ran to Zachary's side and helped him back up. He violently coughed up clouds of smoke.

"What did you do to him? Answer me!" Eddie demanded. Neron sat back down on his throne of skulls and grinned.

"Only what he wanted. I'll see you in a few years, Edward." Before Eddie could react, Neron snapped his fingers and the two were back in Zachary's dressing room, shaken and disturbed.

"Eddie," Zachary began to say, recovering from Neron's lightning. "I told you it was a bad idea." Eddie could only hang his head. He still would not believe that Blue Devil had killed his Aunt Marla, one of the only people that had been there to care for him. Eddie raised his head slowly, and stared back at Zachary shamefully, but something behind Zachary caught Eddie's eye.

"Has that always been there?" Eddie asked, pointing. Zachary turned around to look at the wall behind him. On the wall, written in what looked like blood, was a message.

"Fire?" Zachary read. He frowned and turned back, facing the mirror. In it was a reflection of the message. Zachary could not help gazing at the reflection, and something deep within caused him to read it aloud. "Erif..." He whispered. Zachary almost fell down in shock when the flames erupted from his desk. Thankfully, the sprinklers quickly extinguished the fire, and left the two friends soaked.

"Things are different now, huh Zach?" Eddie asked.

"Oh shut up." Zachary said, shivering from the cold water.


I also have some examples from d_m I could give you as well.