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Name:Eddie Bloomberg
Birthdate:Jun 9
Location:United States of America
Titan's Tower Bio:
An assistant and general "gopher" for his Aunt Marla's film company, twelve year old Edward "Gopher" Bloomberg developed an admiration for stuntman Daniel Cassidy that bordered on hero worship. When Marla produced the "Blue Devil" movie, Dan Cassidy became an actual Blue Devil when the theatrical costume merged to his skin through the magic of the evil demon, Nebiros.

A brilliant kid with an encyclopedic knowledge of super-heroes and the brains to understand the fundamentals of Cassidy's electronic wizardry, Gopher dreamed of becoming Blue Devil's sidekick. Sneaking into Cassidy's workshop at night, Gopher concocted a miniature super-suit for himself that incorporated many of the design features of Blue Devil's own costume. Blue Devil was uncomfortable with the idea of being regarded as a super-hero himself; Taking on a kid sidekick was the last thing he wanted. Nevertheless, Gopher was determined to prove himself as a perfect partner in crime-fighting.

Soon he was aiding the Blue Devil in foiling an airplane hijacking, and then assisted his idol in the fight against the manufactured hero-turned-menace, Verner's Vanquisher. At the end of his first series of adventures, Kid Devil's parents, Robert and Sylvie Bloomberg, threatened to whisk Gopher back home to Syracuse, New York. Ultimately, they left Gopher his education and supervision in the hands of a trio of professors from the Institute of Hypernormal Conflict Studies. While there, Kid Devil encountered Captain Cold. He also teamed up with his pen-pal, the second Robin [Jason Todd]. Whether or not Gopher was sanctioned by Blue Devil, he was determined to become a super-hero regardless.

Meanwhile, Eddie’s mentor Blue Devil began to accept his role as a full-fledged super-hero and joined the Justice League. But Dan Cassidy found he missed the Hollywood spotlight. Desperate to regain his fame, Dan made a deal with the demon trickster, Neron. Blue Devil had one small favor in exchange for fame: He was to destroy and automated electrical station in the desert. Little did Dan know that his friend, Marla Bloomberg, was scouting a location for a movie in that same desert – and the destruction of the station led her helicopter to crash. At that moment, Blue Devil learned the terrible price for his newfound fame: the life of his friend - and Gopher's aunt - Marla Bloomberg. Embarrassed at his role in her death, Blue Devil concealed this information from Eddie.

Determined to do his Aunt Marla proud, Gopher tried to carve a career for himself in the movie business. But his efforts met with a string of failed projects and botched assignments. Gopher still found time for an occasional adventure as Kid Devil. On one such adventure, he joined Young Justice and a cadre of young heroes in assaulting Zandia. Eddie had hopes of joining the teen team, but Young Justice disbanded less than a week later.

After Superboy's tragic death during the Infinite Crisis, the Teen Titans faced a year of rotating members. After their ranks had been depleted, Raven and Beast Boy held a membership drive at Titans Tower. Kid Devil saw this as an opportunity to become a respected super-hero at last, but was rejected for membership. Seeking to bolster his powers and abilities, Eddie enrolled in Lex Luthor’s Everyman Project, which granted super-human abilities to normal people. But Eddie washed out of the program due to "psychological problems."

Desperate for super-powers, Eddie contacted the demon-trickster, Neron, with the help of Titans member, Zatara. Neron agreed to give him powers if he was willing to make a deal: If Eddie ever lost his trust in Blue Devil, he would be bound to serve as Neron’s protégé on his 20th birthday. Eddie agreed to the bargain and was transformed into an honest-to-gosh red-skinned Kid Devil. His excitement was shaken, however, when Neron encouraged Kid Devil to investigate Blue Devil’s role in his Aunt’s death.

Now super-powered, Kid Devil joined the Teen Titans as a full-fledged member. Kid Devil later confronted Blue Devil about his role in Marla’s death – and was shocked to learn the details of Blue Devil’s bargain with Neron. Resolving to never trust him again, Kid Devil inadvertently sealed his deal with Neron. Now, on his 20th birthday in less than three years, Kid Devil’s soul will belong to Neron.

Kid Devil has enhanced strength, endurance and agility. Kid Devil also breathes fire and has collapsible bat-like wings.
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